G605-A-1600X1100X660 Workstation
Hardware composition: workbench, robotic arm body, vision module, handling and palletizing module, trajectory module, polishing module, and conveying module.

Software platform: teach pendant, robot host computer software, vision software;
1. Dimensions: width 1.1mX height 0.66mX length 1.6m;
2. The overall frame color is white;
3. The overall surface of the workbench is made by degreasing and rust removal, pickling and phosphating, electrostatic spraying, and high-temperature baking;
4. The four legs of the table legs are equipped with casters, which can facilitate the movement of the workbench position;
5. There are four adjustable foot cups under the table legs, and the workbench can be leveled when the ground is uneven;
6. Power supply: A2200V±5%(TN-S) 50Hz;
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